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Workshops and Parties can take place at a location of your choice or at Catz Cabin in Sandiway, Northwich. Catz Cabin is a purpose built art workshop in the garden of Catz home. A maximum of 6 people only can attend a workshop at the cabin.

Clay Play


Discover your creative flair. Using high quality, quick air drying clay in all the colours of the rainbow, you can make bright and funky pieces.

With guidance you will be taught how to manipulate the clay into different shapes to create all sorts of things creatures, characters, gardens, oceans, planets.

Cost £20 per head
Suitable for age 3+
Iris Paper Folding


Originating in Holland in the 20th century, iris paper folding was originally crafted from old envelopes. During this fun workshop you will learn how to make these super complicated, impressive looking cards. You will be shown how to fold your choice of craft paper and how to arrange it in the iris design. The name 'iris' comes not from the flower but from the name of a shutter of an old style camera. The action of depressing the shutter creates the spiral effect.

Cost £15 per head
Suitable for age 7+
French Knitting

French knitting is known by many different names including loom knitting, tomboy knitting and cork knitting. The earliest written records date from 1535 in France, however there is evidence to suggest the Romans were using the same method in the 1st century. 

This workshop comes in three parts.

Part 1-You will make your own loom which at the end of the workshop will be yours to keep.

Part 2-You will learn how to French knit.

Part 3- You will coil your knitted piece to create a coaster or table mat.

Cost £15 per head
Suitable for age 7+
french knitting 2.png
Thread Art


Thread art also known as string art was developed in the early 1900's, initially as a mathematic teaching tool. Traditionally nails were hammered into wood then string threaded through and around to create geometric shapes.

In this adaptation we use foam and colourful thread to create mesmerising patterns and pictures.

Cost £20 per head
Age 7+
Jewellery Making


Design and create stylish jewellery using a wide variety of materials including paper, fabric and clay.

Learn how to use specialist tools to make delicate pieces-earrings, necklaces, bracelets and keyrings.

Cost £20 per head
Suitable for age 7+
Nature Wrap

At this workshop you will learn the art of jewellery wrapping to produce stunning one of a kind pieces with wonderful intricate detail. Using pretty pebbles, sea glass and shells.

Cost £15 per head
Suitable for age 10+
The Paper Maker


The Paper Maker embraces all things card and paper.

At this workshop you will learn some paper folding skills to make beautiful gift boxes. With the use of ink stamps, pens, beads, jewels and other accessories you will decorate your box and make gift tags and a greeting card of your choice.

Cost £15 per head
Suitable for age 7+
Sewing and Embroidery


A beginners class with a basic introduction to sewing and embroidery. Learn simple hand sewing skills to create beautiful purses, cushions and bookmarks. Choose from a wide variety of stunning fabrics.

Cost £20 per head
Suitable for age 7+
Pom Pom Teddy Making


Making pom poms is fairly easy, however joining them can be quite tricky. Part 1 of this workshop you will learn a variety of ways to create pom poms in all different shapes and sizes. In the second part of the workshop you will learn how to attach them to produce cuddly toys like this cute little teddy bear

Cost £15 per head
Suitable for age 5+
Glass and Tile Painting

The beauty of glass painting is that light can be used to illuminate your creation.

During this workshop you will have a choice of styles to create your personal pieces on tiles, cocktail glasses, tumblers or candle holders. Painting styles include traditional stained glass, folksy or fine art.

Cost £20 per head
Suitable for age 7+
Acrylic Pouring Paint


Learn the different pouring techniques to create stunning effects on canvas. Techniques include tree ring pour, Dutch pour and the flip cup method.

At this workshop you will create three pieces of art on canvas in your choice of style.

Cost £30 per head
Suitable for age 7+
mandela dot painting coasters.png
Sea Glass Art/Card Making


Imaging the journey of a piece of sea glass. From sand to glass, from glass to the sea. Tossed and tumbled by nature to create something beautiful.

Learn about sea glass, how it evolves and the different ways it can be used in art and craft designs. With guidance create your own own piece of art or gift card, using sea glass, ink stamps, pens and other accessories to decorate.

Cost £20 per head
Suitable for age 5+
pom pom teddy.png
Kimekomi Christmas Baubles

Kimekomi is a Japanese art technique where a pattern is drawn and cut into a surface. Fabric is then placed over the pattern and tucked into the grooves. Kimekomi literally means 'to tuck into a groove'.

In this adaptation instead of using the traditional wood, we will use craft knives to cut grooves into foam balls to create Christmas baubles.

Cost £15 per head.
Suitable for age 16+ however can be adapted for age 7+
Gold Leaf Art Workshop


Applying gold leaf to art is a craft that goes back over 5000 years. Ancient Egyptians developed a technique of beating gold to produce thin gold leaves.

During this workshop you will paint an abstract painting using acrylics before learning the technique of delicately adding gold foil. 

Cost £20 per head
Suitable for age 7+
Black floral climber no border.jpg
Mandela Dot Painting


The earliest known Mandela Art is from the 4th century where it was discovered in Indian Buddhist monasteries. This art is intended to centre the soul. There is something incredibly calming and therapeutic about dot painting. Learn how to create perfect Mandela Art and calm the soul.

Cost £15 per head
Suitable for age 5+
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